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How to use summing box

Installing the loadcell & summing box

  • 1. Supply a power to the indicator after distributing power lines.
  • 2. Set up indicator as indicated in the instruction.
  • 3. Test the calibration indicated as in the instruction of Digital indicator.
  • 4. Press a quarter of maximum capacity on the upper parts of loadcells which is to be adhered.
  • 5. There are unbalanced load points, which is happened by the load of system.
  • 6. Turn the multi trun resistivity of a summing box to the right direction to go up the load,or left.
  • 7. Coordinate repeatedly the multi trun resistivity like the case of No.5 above to even up the load of 4 points
  • 8. Set on calibration as indicated in the digital indicator.
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