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dynamic strain amplifier - DN-CN100


As signal conditioner, it was designed and manufactured to be suitable for instrumentation control panel. It is used for potentiometer, and signal converter DC voltage output transducer.





  • Built-in single step filtering function
  • Easy to adjust zero and span by volume
  • Frequency response DC~10kHz



Specifications Accuracy
Bridge Voltage DC 10V, ±15V
Potentiometer resistance 1㏀ ~ 100㏀
Rated output Voltage 10V (Load resistance more than 200Ω)
Current 4~20㎃ (Load resistance less than 300Ω)
Zero adjustment ranger 20%, 10 rotations
Sensitivity adjustment range 20%, 10 rotations
Frequency response DC ~ 10㎑ (-3㏈)
Low Pass Filter 10㎐, 100㎐, 1㎑, Pass
Non-linearity 0.02% F.S
Usage temperature range -10 ~ 60℃
Humidity Less than 80% RH (No dew condensation)
Voltage AC 220V 50/60㎐ (AC 110V available by internal operation)
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